Thing #8 – Podcasts – #NerdyCast: Nicholas Provenzano with Steven Anderson

Following this link: will lead you to Getting Smart: 50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out. From that list, I found #NerdyCast by Nicholas Provenzano, and the link for that podcast is here: The description of this podcast is: There was a request to talk about presenting at conferences and I went to my main man Steven Anderson, AKA @Web20Classroom, to see what he thought about presenting and why it is valuable. Listen as Steven explains his thoughts on presenting and who is going to win NASCAR this year.

Provenzano and his guests are hilarious, so the podcast is entertaining and informative. In Season 3, Episode 8, Provenzano’s guest is Steven Anderson, who was once a teacher, but now works for a company who helps schools with their technical programs and social media. The topic on this podcast is presentations. Provenzano and Anderson talk about how difficult it is to stand up in front of your peers and present a topic. Teachers, especially, have to present every day to their classrooms, but presenting to their peers is a little nerve-wracking. Anderson explains that anytime he has the opportunity to present, whether it be to peers, educators, or even corporate presidents, you have to think of it as an opportunity to teach. Those attending your presentations are clearly there to learn something new. So, looking at a presentation through the eyes of a learner, you can see how important it is that you present with confidence, and remember that you are there to teach.


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