Thing #11 – Blogs!

I found the most excellent post on the Teachers Pay Teachers blog here:

The post is titled “How to Thrive as a Student Teacher,” and it provides dozens of tips to help student teachers thrive, instead of just trying to survive during the student teaching experience. The content is layed out in easy to follow steps, and the page’s appearance is attractive and tempts you to stay for awhile. In addition, not only are the tips very valuable, vocational advice, but the writer, Suzanne (from the blog Student Savvy), has many suggestions about how to get ahead and prepare for your student teaching experience. For example, she suggests creating a student teacher binder that contains interactive graphic organizer templates, Classroom coupons and Brain Breaks to help with behavior management, and schedules and planning pages, all of which help a student teacher prepare for his/her journey. So many tips and great advice I intend to follow!


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